Jokowi figure Leaders What's Hot in Indonesia

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Not a surprise again, when the survey Unified Data Center (GDP) Jokowi highest position to outperform a number of other names that counts as a 2014 presidential candidate. Could Jokowi the pack as soon as it was new to the Jakarta governor candidate Candidates will be carried into Indonesia in 2014.

Although Jokowi position as the only 2014 presidential candidate is just a survey, but it proves that the figure Jokowi noteworthy. How not taken into account, the GDP survey was Jokowi got the biggest percentage, ie 21 percent of the vote followed by Prabowo with 17 percent of the vote, and Megawati with 11.5 percent of the vote. GDP survey was held on 3 to 18 January 2013 with 1,200 respondents from 30 provinces.

Indeed, the survey results do not necessarily correspond with the field, but at least the results of the survey can be food for thought and not to influence the choice of materials, especially for the PDIP. The results of the survey can also be used as lessons for other parties that will carry-masters candidate presidential elections later in 2014.

Why figure Jokowi new and younger in the political scene in Indonesia could be so sticking than other political figures?. Means there is something that makes the figure Jokowi a place in the hearts of voters surveyed GDP. Is not political promises from senior figures are more famous than the days of yore?, Why lose the same figure Jokowi a brand new alias. The figure is a figure of the soul Jokowi leaders can come together and protect its people. For example, when floods hit the capital Jakarta, Pak Jokowi who first took to the field to provide relief. Although he was a governor of Jakarta, but he did not choose to look at and choose the one with citizens. This is one factor that makes the name Jokowi rise. The residents are very excited about welcoming the arrival of the governor of Jakarta's flood evacuation while visiting Jakarta. Mr. Jokowi also get a good name in foreign countries.

Jokowi is a leader who struggled to eradicate corruption. Hopefully Jokowi figure could grow in this country Indonesia. Granted it's been a lot of work that mimics Jokowi directly down to the field from the silence in the office. But I think it's just the They imaging alone. Currently in Indonesia is the soul of the people need leaders who are sincere and honest people can nurture and care as in a Jokowi.


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    1. Jokowi memang sosok yang di idolakan rakyat indonesia, bahkan negara malaysia juga mengidolakannya.